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Gene Carolan

Research Fellow

Dr. Gene Carolan is a Lecturer in Law at Technological University Dublin, where he teaches European Human Rights Law and Immigration, Refugee & Citizenship Law. His research interests lie in peace agreements, peace-building institutions, and transitional justice. For his doctoral research on peace agreement design, Gene was awarded the NUI EJ Phelan Fellowship in International Law and a John & Pat Hume Scholarship from Maynooth University. He is currently in receipt of a Charlemont Grant from the Royal Irish Academy and a Researcher Award from TU Dublin. Prior to his academic career, Gene served as a Parliamentary Assistant to two Senators of the Irish Houses of Oireachtas, and conducted research on children’s rights in support of the Council of Europe’s One in Five campaign. He has previously received a Certificate in Mediation from the European Security and Defence College, and has presented aspects of his research to EU personnel working on military and diplomatic missions tied to the EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy.

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