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Global Negotiation Conference 2017

Negotiating an Agreement on Private Military and Security Companies

Hosted by the University of Bern and the World Trade Institute

The Global Negotiation Conference was held on the 5-7 July at the World Trade Institute/University of Bern, Switzerland. The conference opened with a keynote speech by Micheline Calmy-Rey, Former President of the Swiss Confederation and Foreign Minister.

The topic of the negotiation simulation on the final day of the conference was negotiating an international agreement on Private Military and Security Companies (PMSC). The contentious topic has long been debated in the United Nations with little progress being made. 

After a long day of negotiations a final agreement was passed although it draw the ire of some participants who missed the final plenary session while they continued informal negotiations.

A fiery debriefing concluded the academic part of the conference before participants were able to relax at the final dinner on a warm summers evening. ​


The full program for the conference is available here:

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