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The project aims to increase negotiating capacity for climate action by developing a skills-focused, mentorship-based training programme for young climate action advocates as well as establishing a community of practice for frontline climate action negotiators.

Project Objectives


"Negotiating for Climate Change" pursues two core objectives:

  1. to develop and implement a skills-focused, mentorship-based training programme for young climate action advocates; and

  2. to establish a community of practice for frontline climate action negotiators, including the youth who have participated in the training programme.


Through this, we aspire to enhance the capacity of climate advocates and practitioners, ultimately driving tangible progress in mitigating and adapting to the challenges of climate change.

Negotiating for Climate Action:
Engaging Practitioners and Empowering Youth 

The Project 

The vast majority of action aimed at mitigating and adapting to climate change takes place on the ground in local communities by passionate and motivated actors. These frontline negotiators are responsible for engaging with stakeholders, marshalling resources, and implementing projects that have a direct impact on people’s health, livelihoods, and environment. This project aims to engage these practitioners in a community of practice to understand the challenges they face and the tools they use to overcome negotiation deadlocks. The project will share these insights with the next generation of climate advocates by developing and implementing a training programme that empowers youth with the tools they need to conceive, design, and negotiate for climate action projects focused on mitigation within their communities.

Get Involved


You are between 18-35 from a low- or middle-income country in the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, or African continent?

Or you are an experienced climate action practitioner looking for ways to support youth in mitigating climate change?

We want you! Sign up now for the IGN Newsletter and follow us on LinkedIn & @ign_zurich on Instagram to be the first to learn about open spots on the project in the coming months.

If you are an organisation that is interested in partnering with us, don't hesitate to contact Patrick Wall, Head of Strategic Partnerships: patrick.wall@global-negotiation.org






The IGN would not be able to carry out endeavours such as this one without the support of partner organisations. We are grateful to Clima Now for enabling us to help change the world for the better through "Negotiating for Climate Action".

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