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Randall Waechter

Senior Fellow

Dr. Randall Waechter is a cognitive neuroscientist and social entrepreneur who applies his formal training in brain, behavior, and higher cognitive processing to applied problems of global urgency and significance. Together with Dr. Hugh Sealy, he launched the UNFCCC St. George's Regional Collaboration Centre (RCC) and advised the global RCC system for over a decade, working closely with UNFCCC colleagues. Dr. Waechter is passionate about addressing systemic inequities between developed and developing countries and empowering developing countries to advocate for those who are most vulnerable. As world population rapidly approaches 8 billion, communication, cooperation, negotiation, shared values, and mutual respect are more important than ever to secure a sustainable standard of living for future generations. Addressing climate change is the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced. The only way through this challenge is together. 

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